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About Us

"We are an SDaaS. Our goal is for our customers to feel so relaxed and confident in our software consulting services, that they can take a vacation and enjoy some time away knowing they are in the hands of one of the world's top web and mobile application development companies."

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Who we are

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Our headquarters is established in Elk Grove Village, IL, USA but all our development and consulting is done in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

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Why Hristov Development?


HD is a committed software consultant for its customers. We build long term relationships that aim for customer success based on communication and collaboration.


We take our time to gather the best team for each project. We are not an outsourcing agency, we invest in people because they are the company.


We will do the job, but we will also go beyond the assigned tasks as we continuously look for areas of opportunity for improvement.

Organized Desk

Key differentiators


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We make sure we understand your business goals before starting work on your product. We make sure our work is focused, directed and optimized.


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As long as objectives, issues, roadblocks and risks are communicated clearly and in a timely matter, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.


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30% to 40% cost saving versus vendors from the USA.

*including benefits.

Two pricing options:

  • Hourly fee

  • Milestone or project base


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Our consultants are strategic thinkers, flexible to solve different types of problems.

We've earned the trust from multiple clients in various industries, and we know we can earn it from you too.

What people say about us

John Goodleaf

Sr. Clinical Applications Developer at Seattle Genetics


HD has fantastic developers. Reliable, responsive and knowledgeable. They did great work for us, producing quality code while dealing with tricky constraints. Next time I'm in the market for front-end web development, Hristov Development will be my first stop.

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HD Talent Selection Process

Nearshore Technical Expertise

At Hristov Development we care about who to bring on board and how to find the key players that will fit in and help build our team. 


We believe the talent should be carefully guided through an ongoing process to cultivate the teamwork culture as well as professional and personal relationships. Only this way will we be able to understand and work together for the better of our customers. 


Our Principles are: Commitment, Flexibility, Dedication, Initiative.


We want our employees to feel motivated to create extraordinary things. 

Recruiting Process
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