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Hristov Development

We specialize in full-service IT consulting, Web Development and Mobile App Development.


Let us take care of the tech stuff for you, while you prioritize what truly matters to your business.

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Great  Startups and World Wide Companies trust Hristov Development

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Startup Facts

Statistic studies from the past 5 years have shown that approximately 92% of Startups fail.


The 2 main reasons for that have been pointed to be lack of funding at 47% and running out of cash at 44%.


But what if you could overcome these even on a limited budget?

Avoid becoming part of the 92%!

Mid- size & Enterprises Facts

IT skills shortage raises costs and hinders progress.


Growing businesses need scalable IT infrastructure.

Technical glitches and inadequate backup systems cause system downtime and data loss, impacting productivity.

Increase your productivity

and revenue with us!

What we do

Custom Software Development

Dedicated IT team working on a project

We provide high-quality, software development that is uniquely tailored for your needs, prioritizing scalability, User Experience (UX), process automation and ease of use.

MVP Minimum Viable Product

We listen to you to understand your business ideas and goals; we analyze the data, and then we work together to build original products so you can achieve a quick turnaround, getting early sales, users' insights, as well as attracting funding.

Full-service IT consulting

Web & Mobile App Software Development

MVP development

We use lean UX and Agile methods to help you increase your chances of getting your product correctly aligned for the market.

We also help you to decide whether a Web or Mobile App suits best your business. 

UI/UX Design

Mobile app development

Our UI designers create awareness to help your company improve customer satisfaction, improve user interaction, as well as boost your business growth and usability experience.

Customer Support

Custom software development

Qualified Support Engineers that will be part of our client's teams to provide support for both the business and customers.

Full-service IT consulting

Custom Software Development

IT systems and infrastructure can be a costly investment if not done correctly. Our team of expert cloud engineers can help guide you in your journey to success leveraging the power of technology.

What our clients think about us

Our Goal:
To Deliver The Best Custom Software Development for Each Customer Needs


Our Method: Easy, Smooth, and Efficient

Customer support engineer

Hristov Development
is your path to success

Prices and Packages

Tailored software solutions for your business

We will optimize your operations, enhance productivity, and help you gain a competitive edge.


Transform your business for success with us!

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