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Hristov Development is a Software Development Agency specializing in web and mobile application development.

We help tech startups
 and non-technical founders build their products and get to market quickly at affordable costs.

For our enterprise customers we provide specialized staff to enhance their productivity so they can prioritize their focus on growing the business.

How can we help you today?


I'm a Startup

Looking for help with your software product development. HD is your Software Development associate. 

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I'm an Enterprise

Looking for temporary workforce to get a software project done.

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Not sure?

Have a look at our custom application development or software integration solutions.

What we do

Custom Software Development

We provide high-quality, software development that is uniquely tailored for our clients, considering maintainable features and functions, and built to scale.

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MVP Minimum Viable Product

We listen to our clients, understand their business ideas, and work together to test them, building original products that get quickly to market allowing the MVP to get customers' and users' insights as well as attracting funding.

Web & Mobile App Software Develpoment

We use lean UX and Agile methods to help you increase your chances of getting your product correctly aligned for the market.

We also help you to decide whether a Web or Mobile App suits best your business. 

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UI/UX Design

Our UI designers create awareness to help your company improve customer satisfaction, improve user interaction, as well as boost your business growth and usability experience.

Solutions Engineers

Qualified Solutions Engineers that will be part of our client's teams to provide support for both the business and customers.


Either by developing training programs or providing advanced technical support our agents will work on troubleshooting problems and developing solutions.

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Our Software Development Process

Our Goal: To Deliver The Best Custom Software Development for Each Customer Needs
  • Pre-contract Steps 1-5: These steps are focused on identifying and understanding what we are going to do and we define the scope of the project with as much detail as possible to avoid errors and re-work. Before starting the development process, we want to make sure all pre-development steps are clearly understood.

  • Development Phase Steps 6-9: In this phase, we focus on the development process itself. Our development process also includes approval from our client before delivering the final product.

  • Post-development Step 10: The last step in our SDLC is the post-development where we don’t simply deliver the project and let everything else on your shoulders but we support you all the way, we take care of maintenance and support.

A Peek to Our Software Development Projects

Why choose Hristov Development?


10+ years of successfully helping our clients to meet their business goals and boost their products to grow to throw the best software development experience.

  • COST

40% to 60% cost saving versus US based software contractors and consultants.

*including benefits.


We embrace good communication skills and flexible thinking to solve different types of issues and introduce custom resolutions for each client. 

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