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SDaaS What is it? IT phenomenon of 2022

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Software Development as a Service or SDaaS is an on-demand business partnership model that is becoming more and more popular in 2022.

Its quality is equal to the software development process handled by a team of in-house developers.

After the pandemic hit the world back in 2020, in the past two years hiring in-house employees became a big challenge for most tech businesses.

Many companies had to downsize and their employees had to adapt to the change of switching the full-time work in office to fully remote work.

Nowadays, more and more companies prefer a hybrid work model which is a combination of working both from home and in the office, instead of working in the office full-time.

The hybrid working model is well liked by many employees for its flexibility. It allows people to work when they feel the most productive and still gives them enough opportunities to work together with their team members.

Why is SDaaS the best option for you

SDaaS is a very attractive solution especially for companies working on a new project that requires special skills and they are lacking in an in-house team of developers or their developers are not specialized enough to meet the needs of the new project.

Outsourcing software development process to an external team of developers who have the necessary skills is a quick solution with high quality results.

Considering SDaaS is good for companies that need a team of developers only for one project or a season. Hiring a whole in-house team would not be affordable, especially in more expensive locations like the Bay Area or Manhattan in The USA.

Opting for a SDaaS provider to handle the software development process helps control the budget and saves time and effort in the hiring process.

Unfortunately, all industries - and especially IT - have been reporting increasing struggles to find and hire talent since 2021. That phenomenon has only gotten worse in these early months of 2022.

The hiring process for a software developer or a team of developers can now take up to 3 months to fill an open position. That would put your project a full quarter behind.

Instead of spending months searching for the right developer, using the service of a software development outsourcing company can save you a significant amount of time. A software vendor can boost the process and create a team of software developers only for your needs in a few weeks or even days.

SDaaS is a good option for companies that are dealing with high in-house staff turnovers. Tech industry is one of the most affected industries when it comes to shortage of tech talent. Even if you find the right specialists for your project, it is very probable that they will leave your company within one year.

This decision of a team member can have a big impact on your project and it can slow down the software development process rapidly.

Outsourcing software development project gives you more stability and even if one team member decides to leave the team, your vendor will hire another specialist in a shorter time so your project development can continue smoothly.

Benefits of SDaaS

SDaaS is a cost-effective solution without any fixed fees. With an in-house team of developers you face high expenses but with an external team you pay only for work that is delivered.

You can save the expenses for hardware, software and other administrative costs as well which is a big advantage for you as a business owner.

You get not only a team of specialists but also all necessary equipment that you don’t have to provide from your budget.

The hiring process handled by a vendor is much shorter and you don’t have to spend hours and hours looking for specialists. The vendor monitors the situation of the development team and knows exactly when to increase or reduce the number of specialists in the team.

One of the benefits of SDaaS is also quality control team that is an important part in software development process. They run tests and assure good results in the project. An advantage of a vendor is that they provide you with a team of specialists to make sure the development project is running as planned.

The IT industry is changing very quickly and in order to be successful and competitive, the time dedicated to software development should be reduced significantly.

Having a team of developers working only on your project at a time helps you achieve your goals and see the results much quicker.

SDaaS saves your business budget, your time and energy in the hiring process and helps you maintain flexibility and productivity.

Find your trusted IT partner and entrust the software development process to the hands of professionals while you focus on core tasks of your business.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic or have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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