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Dispelling the Misconceptions Surrounding Nearshoring: 4 Myths Debunked

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

The goal of every business owner is maximizing business operations to obtain the best results and ensure productivity. With the rising expenses needed to operate in some home countries, companies tend to hand over some business tasks, especially non-core, to neighboring countries and enjoy the benefits of nearshoring.

Despite many businesses using nearshore outsourcing in their practices nowadays, a lot of entrepreneurs and startup owners still doubt and fear it. Let’s take a look together at the most common misconceptions about nearshoring.

MYTH 1: Poor service

TRUTH: New doesn’t have to mean bad

The fear of letting someone outside your company handle the development of your product is understandable. It’s normal to be suspicious about something you don’t know. However, keep in mind that nearshoring companies also have strong staff selection programs attracting the best candidates in the market. They want to join as part of your team, being present in meetings and integrating themselves fully into the work. A nearshoring company can start working on your tasks within weeks, sometimes even days. The best specialists are chosen for you by the company providing nearshore services, and the team is formed from their in-house specialists. Nearshore teams are an excellent option to help you scale up or down on demand.

MYTH 2: Language barrier

TRUTH: English is the tech language for everyone

First of all, English is the universal language of tech and coding. Most companies today ensure already in the hiring process that their future employees speak English. One of the strong points of Latin American countries is their English level. There is also a very similar cultural background between Latin and North America, which makes it much easier to be on the same page when it comes to culture, social etiquette, and working style. Communication is the key to successful collaboration. Team members’ interactions are made much more comfortable as they are happening in real time. Good knowledge of a common language means clear understanding between teams and ensuring the best result of work.

MYTH 3: Higher costs

TRUTH: Cost efficiency in the long term

Apart from the service itself, consider the extra costs that can be reduced by hiring a company near your location. Any personal meeting requires less time for traveling, working in the same time zone speeds up any process, and the exchange rate in Latin America tends to favor dollars. The companies providing nearshore teams are usually based in countries with lower hourly wages, which results in a reduction of costs for the hiring company. Cheaper but still professional. Especially in specialized companies, there are usually better educated and trained people because they have the opportunity to exchange experience with other team members and grow their qualities and qualifications.

MYTH 4: Additional burden

TRUTH: Additional help

You may think that hiring an outsourced team of developers can add extra stress to your in-house team. That they would have to tell the new team what to do, correct their work, and constantly supervise them. Maybe by hiring an external team your in-house employees could feel more stressed and overwhelmed. No, is the short answer. The idea of nearshoring isn’t to complicate the life of anyone. We have experienced smooth integrations with other teams as our team is self-managed, autonomous, and well-organized. That makes the process seamless and reduces any confusion, friction, or potential burden. By using our nearshoring services we want our customers to relax and feel confident in our hands.


We as human beings tend to fear what’s new, and organizations are made of people. So as a company, we understand that. There may be lots of “what ifs” as well as doubts and uncertainties.

We at Hristov Development have many years’ of experience with nearshore outsourcing, and we can assure you that nearshoring is worth trying. It can add significant value to your operations, increase the quality of your software products, and even reduce your costs in the long term.

In this article, we mentioned and explained the four most common misconceptions. Of course, there may be more doubts or questions such as ‘Can I find local tech talent, if I recruit strategically?’ or ‘What if it doesn’t work out and they leave quickly?’ or ‘Is the product launch going to be delayed?’ etc.

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to these questions. We believe that every business is unique so every situation should be handled individually.

In case you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact us.

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