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Why Your Startup Needs a Tech Partner

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

How to progress without an in-house team and CTO

Outsourcing doesn’t seem to be a startup thing at first sight, and many times it gets ignored by startup business owners. Usually it is associated with big business because large companies have enough staff as well as other resources to get their work done with the goal of maximizing their profit, increasing work efficiency, and improving the quality of their products.

On the other hand, startup businesses are afraid of additional expenses, so they usually tend to cut corners. Of course, it makes sense.

However, the truth is that startups should think about outsourcing as much as big companies do, if not even more.

When we skip theory for a while and take a look at real situations instead, when outsourcing helped businesses to get off the ground, we can find many well-known brands that outsourced their development and many of them still continue to delegate at least some part of their work.

For example, Skype, a large company that everyone knows and most probably has used at least once in their life, wouldn’t achieve its success without three Estonian developers who created the company’s application back-end.

Or Slack, one of the most popular corporate communication tools, outsourced the design of its web interface to a design company, and as it turned out, it was a very good idea.

According to various studies, the most common reason for startup businesses to fail at an early stage is when they either commit majority resources towards building their tech infrastructure or when they completely avoid it.

The ideal scenario is to keep in mind that tech infrastructure is essential for any startup but with assigning optimum resources. This can be controlled through working with a tech partner from the beginning.

As a startup business, you may face many obstacles in your journey to success.

Here is how hiring a tech partner helps your startup business overcome them:

1. To get to market fast

Unfortunately, having a great business idea and making that idea a reality is not enough to be successful. No matter what business you are in, you need to get your product to market quickly. Having the expertise to build and grow your product or service the right way helps you stay ahead of your competitors. If you don’t have technical knowledge required, you need an IT partner, who comes from a technical background and has the expertise to make it work in the real world.

2. To scale your business up

The world is changing fast, and to stay on top of the game you have to stay innovative. Scaling your business requires specialists who are capable of performing complicated tasks in a short period of time. Hiring in-house employees costs time, energy, and money. By hiring a dedicated team you can eliminate all of these issues and expand your business quicker having all the knowledge and skills ready.

3. To save expenses in the long run

Money plays an important role in running a business, especially when it comes to a startup. Even if you are lucky enough to raise a big round of capital, you should spend it wisely. Reducing the costs should be one of the main priorities at the beginning. However, as a startup, you can not allow yourself to sacrifice the quality of your product or service because you can easily fail. Hiring an external team of professionals allows you to pay only for what you really need.

4. To have enough expertise

As a startup owner, you can be passionate and motivated to do everything by yourself, but the truth is that your time and skill set is limited. You can not be everything - businessman, programmer, designer, or project manager. Sooner or later you will need a helping hand that can take over some tasks, so you can focus on what you do the best. No matter what is the cause, a lack of hands can become a real problem for a young company.

5. To stay flexible

In the business world, the ability to be flexible is an important skill for any business. For startups, flexibility is especially important. Startups are new and young businesses, which means they have to constantly adapt to new market conditions and customer needs. This can be a challenge, but it is also an opportunity for growth. Hiring an IT agency gives you the flexibility to grow or reduce your team according to your business needs. It also minimizes the risk as it doesn’t tie you to long-term commitment.


Are you feeling insecure about how to find the right IT partner for you?

We at Hristov Development have many years’ experience with helping startups build their products and get to market quicker for less costs as well as providing specialized dedicated teams of professionals for larger companies to increase their capabilities.

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